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Single Motherhood: Choosing to be single

Melinda (39 years old) is a single mother of one child, age 4, who was conceived through artificial insemination. She is financially stable and employed in the medical field. She is often questioned by friends and relatives about when she is going to marry and why she is not already married.

-Discuss some of the pressures and challenges she faces from a life-cycle perspective as well as from the context of family and community.(use apa resources to support answers)

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In their study, McLanahan & Booth (1999) report that in "Mother-only families the mother experiences a great deal of stress including lack of social integration, and support from neighbors and friends. In addition, the need and sometimes futility of obtaining child care places anxiety on both the mother and child. According to McLanahan & Booth, these factors make the job of being a single mother more difficult, and will ultimately affect parenting practices. Further, they provide evidence that suggests single mothers report more worries than married women with children. They maintain that even if a single mother has some social support, she is disadvantaged with regard to psychological resources documented by reports of depression and psychological well-being.

Thus, the ...

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This solution discusses some challenges and pressures that are associated with being a single mother.