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Parenthood & Socialization

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Research the gender norm "mothers are expected to be the primary caregivers of their children, while fathers are expected to be the primary financial providers for their family", you might try the following search terms:
Traditional versus non-traditional parenting
Briefly discuss and outline what you plan to cover, including how you will approach this gender norm.
Citations are needed to research and finish essay.

Thank you

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Dear Student,
I decided that the best way for me to help you is to create a semi-essay guide that demonstrates what you are being asked by your professor in the essay. The essay after the outline fills the concepts that each part is to discuss/explain/demonstrate. I used recent studies, web-available articles as well as pop culture references to make the ideas I presented more relevant, as you ought to when discussing the debate between traditional & non-traditional parenting. Use the outline as your guide when you are going to adapt it intoyour own. Print out the Outline & the sample essay which is also attached in it's word version. Good Luck! Thank you for using Brainmass.

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Proposed Essay Outline & Scope per section:

I. Title --- Questioning Parenting: Traditions & Changes

II. Introduction --- Defining Parenting, it introduces the main discussion concepts of the essay

III. The Traditional Idea of Motherhood --- discusses traditional ideas of motherhood as well as traditional concepts of a Woman's Role at home and in society

IV. The Modern Woman & the Paternal Bond --- discusses the modern woman, ideas of modern motherhood and the paternal bond

V. Conclusion --- Reflects and concludes theideas presented in the essay

VI. References --- lists books, articles & web sources that informed the essay

(sample essay basedon outline below)

Questioning Parenting: Traditions & Changes


Parenting is a social agency, that process raising and educating children from birth to adulthood; a necessary and essential process that ensure the strength of the primary group that is the family. Traditionally, the family unit is nuclear. That is, mother, father and children. The 'nuclear' family is seen as ideal and in the United States and most Western Christian societies; this is usually what is referred to when one talks about 'family'. Mom, Dad and children. Extended families where the primary family unit includes grandparents, cousins and siblings become the case with the influence of circumstance or cultural influences that while accepted is not ideal. The nuclear family of the 20's till the 60's as a social construct had the father as the 'Provider', one who designated to look after the financial security of the family and is expected to lead the family in working out decisions and choices. The mother was most ideal as the 'Homemaker', one who is in charge of the home --- the kitchen, the running of the household, primary contact point of the children. She was also seen as God-fearing and in 'support' of the husband. In the popular culture then, the housewife is targeted by mainstream advertising such as washing & cooking products, their ...

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The solution provides an outline into writing an essay on the topic of gender norms using the socially constructed roles in parenting as a base for discussion. The Outline is expanded into an academic essay that can be used as a guide or a reference in understanding the topic. The sample essay is written in APA format.

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