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Single Parent & Two-Parent families comparison

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I need help with a case study of ethical dilemma of single parents versus two parent families in the workplace. What would the root problem be?

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Ethical Parenting: 1-parent & 2-parent working systems

Ethical parenting refers to the manner by which parents perform and provide to their offspring the moral and expected responsibility of duty, care and nurture in accordance with the processes associated for the promotion and support of the physical, emotional, social as well as intellectual development of their offspring(s) from birth to adulthood. Parental responsibilities vary in stages from when children are totally dependent until adulthood when children's facilities are such that they could be considered independent. The emotional and social bond however, remains. The ethics of parenting are sociologically constructed although nurturing is a natural event - expected especially, scientifically speaking, in mothers. The pairing and mating of human beings to become ...

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The solution explores the dilemma of single parent families vis-a-vis 2-parent families in the workplace. The solution explains how families are distinguished into certain types and the pros and cons of each 'type' in terms of performing nurturing, parenting, supporting children as well as the important responsibility of economic and financial provision. The solution is in the form of an essay following the APA format. References are provided. A word version is attached for easy printing.

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