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Review: Effects of Family Structure Type and Stability on Children's Academic Performance Trajectories

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Primary Research Article

I have attached an article that had to be proven that it is actually a primary research article. I do know that the article is a scholarly peer reviewed article from an accepted journal. I do need guidance on making sure that I understand what is the theory in the article .

The main focus is to identify a theory that drives the study.
1. Name of the theory used in the article (article attached in posting).

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The solution below should get you started. Normally, when asked about a theory to look for in a research, you normally have a set of theories you use in class and then you seek for that in the paper. However, it is also possible to find a theory within the paper. The paper itself can be proposing a theory on a particular subject, dependent upon the subject being discussed. For this solution, I looked into the paper, found a plausible theory and assessed a 'type' for it. I am not sure what types you have discussed in class. It is up to you to find that and relate it to your final answer. If you have any questions, just let me know. Good luck!

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Article Theory Review

â?¢ Article: Effects of Family Structure Type and Stability on Children's Academic Performance Trajectories
â?¢ Authors: Yongmin Sun & Yuanzhang Li
â?¢ Publisher/Year: Journal of Marriage and Family 73, June 2011


The article provides an analysis of five waves of panel data from 8,008 children
In the ECLS-K and is compared and contrasted with available academic data that looks into performance growth curves from kindergarten to 5th grade. Participants are sourced from three types of nondisrupted and three types of disrupted families. What the study revealed is that children in nondisrupted two-biological-parent and nondisrupted stepparent households performed much better than their peers. Their grades and academic achievement is consistent, performing better in mathematics, reading comprehension and related subjects over other children in nondisrupted single-parent, disrupted two-biological-parent, and disrupted alternative families with multiple transitions situation. The authors conclude that it appears that the stress of unstable family life and the lack or deprivation of necessary resources affect academic performance.

Theory Analysis

In a research such as this, the theory is either declared upon the first sections of the study in the form of a proposed ...

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The solution provides information, assistance and guidance in reviewing a scholarly article, helping the student identify the main ideas, the hypothesis presented, and the theory utilised. The article is attached above. It is on the study of effects of poverty on education.

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