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A Father's Role in the Academic Performance of Children

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As an educator, one may need to become an advocate for fathers' involvement in the academic setting. This role can be hard if other educators and family members don't understand the value of fathers' involvement in terms of student behavior and success. What evidence can be used to show how important it is to have the fathers' involvement as an integral part of early learning?

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As an educator, I believe it is important to promote each parent's role in a child's education. Children learn from the school, however, they learn about life lessons, and the importance of education on their own lives through their parents. Educators need to understand the value of each parent's role, and the importance of both a mother and father in the everyday lives of children. In terms of student behavior, I think that fathers play a large role in ensuring proper behavior in the classroom. Many children show more respect for their fathers than they do their mothers, usually because the fathers have a more domineering presence and command respect. Therefore, a child will at times respect the words of their father versus their mother.

When an educator does not pay attention to the influence that a father plays in a child's learning development, it can be detrimental to the child's education. An educator should not assume that contacting the mother alone is sufficient. As many studies show, a father, as well as a mother, shows great influence in the success of a child's development. Studies show that a child performs better in school when a father is a part of that learning curve. Therefore, it should not be ignored by any educator. New data supports what has been known for many years. "When fathers are involved in their children's learning - children perform better in school, and exhibit healthier behavior. ...

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