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Developmental Psychology/Research: Parenting

Please consider the following question: How might a father's parental style influence the academic achievement of his children.

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A father's parenting style has implications for a child's well being.

Father play's many roles in a child's complete development:
- Father as a resource
- Father as a teacher and role model
- Father as a protector
- Father as an economic provider
- Father as an advocate

Above all, a father has an important role in children's cognitive development and academic achievement.

Role of parenting style on academic achievement of children:

Usually the definitions of parental involvement include several activities: tutoring, providing rides, involvement with school activities, time spent volunteering in the classroom, and participation in parent advisory committees.

In previous research on students and academic achievement, parenting styles have been shown to greatly affect the educational success of students. Researchers in education have found that parental involvement supports the academic achievement of adolescents by enhancing their abilities, learning styles, and developmental level ...

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In about 585 words, including three references, this response discusses a father's parenting style and how it has implications for a child's well being both academically and socially. A brief comment on how the influence of a father's parenting style contrasts with a mother's parenting style is also highlighted.