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    Parenting Styles

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    These questions are posed:

    Adolescence is a time of rapid physical change and growth, triggered by the onset of puberty. Discuss the consequences of early and late maturation, as well as nutrition and eating disorders.

    In what ways to you think parents with different styles - authoritarian, authoritative, permissive, and uninvolved - react to attempts to establish autonomy during adolescence. Are the styles of parenting different for a single parent? Are there cultural differences?

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    Since this topic is so vast, my notes just skim the surface to help you get started:

    As you first discuss the consequences of early and late maturation, you might note that there is research to show both negative and positive developmental effects for teen boys and girls. For example, you might note that early maturation for girls often has negative developmental effects. On the other hand, late maturation for girls is often more advantageous. The opposite holds true for teen boys since late maturation often has negative developmental consequences; early maturation for boys is often more beneficial.

    Next, the consequences of proper and improper nutrition during adolescence are crucial. ...

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    Ideas about teens and parenting styles are contemplated.