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Difference in parenting styles

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One issue to discuss is parents that have different parenting style backgrounds. This occurs in many relationships, where the individuals have had different experiences with parenting styles. For example, the mom was raised with authoritative and the father was raised with authoritarian. The parents should really discuss and communicate their differences to provide the best parenting style for their own children.

How can parents work out the difference in parenting styles from their childhood, if each parent wants to contribute their own style?

How do they handle situations, such as discipline, if the parenting styles are varied?

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There are four types of parenting styles which are: Authoritarian, authoritative, permissive, and uninvolved (1).
Authoritarian style is extremely strict where the parents are very controlling. Parents dictate how their children should act and emphasize obedience and most often dissuade discussion. They are demanding and expect their orders to be obeyed and children are not allowed to disagree with their decisions.

Authoritative style is a more moderate style in which parents set limits and have rules, but they explain why the rules are important and why they must be followed. They allow their children to often learn from ...

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The expert discusses the four parenting styles, and how parents can work together when parenting skills vary.