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Different Parenting Styles

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Briefly describe these five different parenting styles, 1). Permissive 2). Permissive-indulgent 3). Permissive rejecting- neglecting 4) Authoritarian, and 5) Authoritative.

Comment on how each might impact cognitive and social development.

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The permissive parenting style is a very loose parenting style in which parents are not highly involved in their child's lives, allow their child or children to do almost anything that they liked with very little parenting structure offered. This can impact the cognitive and social development of the child due to the fact that that individual will believe that he or she can do what they like within society under any circumstances. An example of this is apparent that allow their teenage children to go anywhere that they please and to stay out as late as they please despite the obvious dangers. The permissive indulgent parenting style is a parenting style in which the parents have a high degree of involvement in the life of their child or children, but do not make these children behave in an appropriate manner. This ...

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The expert briefly describes the five different parenting styles. Permissive, permissive-indulgent, permissive rejecting - neglecting, authoritarian and authoritative styles are examined.

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What advice would you give to a couple that has two different parenting styles?

It can be incredibly confusing to children when parents do not present a unified front - especially in terms of discipline. In addition to causing uncertainty to the child it also causes friction between parents because you can guarantee that children can and will find out how to work parents to get what they desire.....that is what children do!

Furthermore, there are significant implications for children living in a household where parents frequently argue. Research has shown that children who are in conflict-ridden homes experience decreased school performance and increases in delinquency, behavior problems and depressive feelings (Boyd & Bee, 2008).

What advice would you give to a couple that has two different parenting styles?

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