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Etiology of Child Abuse and neglect

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I need assistance finding and describing two theories pertaining to the etiology of child abuse and neglect and their assumptions. I then need to explain how a human services organization can apply these theories in the development of a child abuse and neglect prevention program. One of the problems I have is that I cannot locate scholarly journal articles for this assignment. Thank you.

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The two theories of etiology of child abuse and neglect and how this impacts programming are analyzed.

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Etiology of child abuse and neglect

1. SES has shown to be related to the etiology of child abuse and neglect. Using a developmental-ecological perspective of child abuse and neglect, SES is related to the cause because contributes significantly to parental stress. This approach assumes parental emotional and psychological state impacts their child-rearing practices. Often, when stressed, parents may use force, harsh language as they are not controlling their temper, actions and words. Their emotional state is left unchecked and violent and abusive behaviors erupt. ...

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