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Child Psychological Abuse Handout

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You are a human services professional who provides services to abusive families. You specialize child emotional/psychological maltreatment. The executive director at your agency would like to review and revise the services offered to foster children who have been abused emotionally/psychologically.

Synthesize your findings regarding child emotional/psychological abuse. Prepare a handout, outlining the etiology and ramifications of this type of child maltreatment as well as your recommendations for improvement of services and attach this document to your discussion post. In the discussion area, write a brief summary of your work (approximately 100-250 words) that you imagine presenting to the board of directors.

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Child Psychological Abuse Handout

Child Psychological Abuse (CPA), also known as child neglect is an intentional act by caregivers and adult to withhold from the child necessities for living (shelter, accommodation, food, water, medical care) as welfare care and support. While the child might not be suffering from physical violence, exposure of the child to violence and severe abuse between parents and the adults in their family, where the child also undergoes verbal threats of violence can lead the child to feel unsafe, insecure and a threatened sense of well-being. In our clinic, we hope to assist children in foster care that have been expose to neglect leading to CPA, particularly those who came from ...

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