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Childhood sexual abuse

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The Department of Community Health and Corrections is working to improve its programs to provide psychological support services for children who are the victims of childhood sexual abuse. You want to be able to make a useful contribution for the first task force meeting, and decide to review research and studies on childhood sexual abuse and its possible long-term effects such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. You write a short summary of your review, covering the following information:

Describe the prevalence of childhood sexual abuse.
Identify two common short-term consequences and two common long-term consequences of childhood sexual abuse.
According to the DSM-IV, what is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)?
Explain how PTSD can be related to childhood sexual abuse.
Discuss one manner of intervention or treatment that has been found effective in addressing issues related to childhood sexual abuse. Refer to the studies or research that supports the effectiveness of the treatment .

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Childhood sexual abuse usually evolves over a period of years, beginning with teasing remarks, sexual fondling and explicit nudity. It often escalates into intercourse by adolescence. Prior to this blantant force is rarely involved because the abuser is often someone the child knows, such as a relative, a parent or a close family friend. While girls are the most common victims of sexual abuse it can occur with boys also. Sexual molestation of boys is more likely to occur outside the home and unlike sexual abuse of girls it is more likely to be committed by someone who is not a family member. Although mothers and other female relatives are less likely to be abusers they are sometimes guilty of sexual teasing and fondling. Parents of every income and education level are well represented among sexual abusers

In North America approximately 15%-25% of women and 5-15% of men were sexually abused as children. Most child sex abuse is committed by men; studies have shown that women commit 14-40% of offenses reported ...

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This solution discusses the prevalence of childhood sexual abuse.

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