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Summary of article on abuse

I am working on a research paper and need some help extracting from the attached journal article. The angle I am looking to report on is the impact that sexual abuse can have on a marriage. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


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The article provided, "Effects of childhood sexual abuse on the psychosocial functioning of adults" makes a few very valid and understandable points on the impact sexual abuse has on marriage. For a successful, long lasting marriage several pieces should be in play. Marriage almost relies on effective communication, pure fidelity, and respect [trust] of your partner to be successful. When one or more of these pieces are missing or fail, so does the marriage. Marriage itself has plenty of stressors on it; financial, children, in-laws, etc. Adding huge stressors such as past sexual abuse would lead any typical person to therapy or worse, divorce court.
Communication is not only key to say what is on one's mind but to also hear what your partner has to say. "Due to lack of trust from the abuse, victims have ...

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500 word summary on attached article about sexuality and abuse.