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Substance Abuse within AI/AN Population

Please help with a one page summary of the attached journal article. What I am looking for is to pull out factors regarding how the information in the article contributes to Native Americans and their much shorter than average life expectancy.

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There is quite a bit of unique comparative data regarding the use of substances within AI/AN population. These are the notes I wrote down on the subject:

-AI's die from alcohol related causes at much higher rates than other demographic groups.
Mortality rates from alcohol, while varied across location and gender, are still a serious issue in AI/AN societies.

-From gender, AI/AN mortality ranges from 1.3 for the 25-34 year old age group to 4.3 for the 65-74 year old age.

-Overwhelming disparities exist between alcohol related mortality within AI/AN circles and white/other racial groups.

-While fewer AI/ANs have consumed alcohol in their lifetime compared to whites, the cause of mortality is related to alcohol dependence, in which more than twice as many AI/AN men are alcohol dependent in compared to white men. Similar statistics hold true with AI/AN women and white women. More startling is that more AI/AN people are diagnosed with alcohol abuse at younger ages than their white counterparts.

-Binge drinking ...

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