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Micro Skills for Working with Substance Abusers

An explanation of the challenges you might encounter when using micro practice skills while interviewing the client. Then explain what skills you might use to overcome those challenges. Finally, explain what skills you think you might excel at while working with a client and why.

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I have many years of substance abuse experience, and I can address the challenges, but it sounds as though some of this assignment is asking for you to identify your own skills/strengths. I will give you some ideas of what a skilled counselor would need, and you may be able to see some of what I identify in yourself.

Challenge 1: Substance abusers are rarely seeking treatment for substance abuse. They are more likely to present with mental disorders (anxiety or depression), chronic pain, or relational problems.

Challenge 2: Substance abusers don't all look alike. The current highrisk population includes Baby Boomers, many of whom ...

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This article provides a list of challenges service providers face when dealing with substance abusers and describes the micro skills and qualities needed to meet those challenges.