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Steven and Joan Substance Abuse Case Study

Steven and Joan are the parents of two children, Jessica (14) and Jeremy (12). Steven and Joan are both recovering substance abusers, and they met while at treatment eighteen years ago. Both had parents who were substance abusers. They attend meetings, and both are active in the recovery community. Steven works as a retail store manager and is under stress from declining sales. He has had to lay off several long-time employees and start doing more of the floor sales himself in addition to the administrative responsibilities.

Joan works as a real estate agent, and while she has been very successful in the past, she has not made a sale in almost a year. She has been looking for other work to supplement their income. They are managing to hold on to their home, but the family budget is very tight. Jessica and Jeremy have had to cut back on extracurricular activities due to the financial strain. Steven and Joan have also started arguing more frequently, as there is disagreement about the family priorities, and Steven is working long hours away from the family. Jeremy is an A student in school and popular with his peers. Jessica struggles to maintain a C average. She has few friends, complains that no one likes her, and tends to isolate herself.

The family has come to see you at a community mental health center because Joan found marijuana in Jessica's room while she was putting away clothes. Steven and Joan blame themselves for not seeing her "addiction" earlier and are concerned that Jeremy is also using, although he denies this and does not see why he has to be in therapy. Jessica blames her parents and does not to talk about it.

Conceptualize how you would engage this family in treatment and what relational issues might be occurring to cause stress within the family system.

Please utilize scholarly resources and 300 words or more.

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(1) How would the therapist engage this family in treatment?

A Family Therapy approach can be used that identifies unique features of engaging the family in group therapy based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). The treatment model, Guided Self Change (GSC, Sobell & M.B. Sobell, 2011 as cited in Nocita, 2011) is a motivational CBT approach with interviewing techniques for treating substance use and behavior. The therapeutic intervention can be used with individuals and groups, and provides a step-by-step format over four sessions (Nocita, 2011). While this treatment plan is oriented toward addressing substance abuse among adolescents, it has aspects that identifies structural problems within the entire family. Both adolescents and the parents meet in group sessions that focus on group interaction, which can aid in improving family communication skills specific to substance abuse problems. Further, this approach is suggested as an effective planning process that brings this family more closely together through a plan of action to implement change. The GSC model is based on ...

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