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    Sorelle Bakery: Case Study

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    Consider the case study:
    Sorelle Bakery and Cafe
    By Louis B. Barnes

    1. Summarize the set of events which took place from the context of OD.
    2. Identify the OD intervention process which needs to be adopted citing reasons for your choices.
    3. What are the various stages of implemeting the OD intervention process? Imagine yourself to be Maria, how would you proceed further?
    4. Conduct independent research on the internet. What do you think happened in reality at Sorelle Bakery?

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    Step 1
    From the perspective of organizational development the set of events are that Sorelle Bakery was financed by Sabina Donato and her husband John. The bakery-café was created for their two daughters Joan and Susan. Even though there was a partnership, there was no formal division of duties between the two. There was a plan about how the duties would be divided but this plan was not followed. From the organizational development perspective this lack of formal division was the cause of problems between Joan and Susan. This was the root cause of the problem (Peter Lok, John Crawford, 2000). Susan was responsible for creating delicacies that were very popular with the customers of Sorelle Bakery. She felt that the work of Joan was light and pleasurable. From the organizational development perspective there was a history of such resentments by Susan. This problem escalated over time as the demand for Sorelle Bakery products increased. The bakery grew famous and a large proportion of customers were regular. ...

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    Organizational Development at Sorelle is discussed step-by-step in this solution. The response also has the sources used.