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    Employment Law: Racial Discrimination at Joe's Bakery

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    Joe's Bakery advertised in the local newspaper for an assistant baker. Muhammad, a recent honors graduate of the Culinary School of America, applied for the position and was told that the position had been filled. Muhammad is of Middle-Eastern descent and practices the Muslim faith. The following day, and for nine consecutive days thereafter, Muhammad saw the ad in the paper again. Joe's Bakery employs seven people, including Joe. Do the facts satisfy the requirements for a prima facie case? If so, can Muhammad pursue a claim for discrimination against Joe's Bakery?

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    The fact that the advertisement ran for several days after the applicant was told that the position had been filled does serve as compelling evidence for a prima facie case. In such a case, the court wants to see evidence that immediately shows that the case is valid. In this ...

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    This solution explains if Muhammad has a valid discrimination claim under EEOC laws. This solution also explains if the prima facie expression applies in this case.