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Business Law Review


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Section I-Please indicate whether the statement is true or false
_X__ T _____ F 1. A 39-year-old woman is terminated and replaced by a 45 year-old-woman. Her employer tells her that the changes in the customer base and selling environment requires older, more mature employees for her position. She has a valid claim for violation of the ADEA.

_ ___ T __X__ F 2. An employer fires an employee for stealing from the company. The employee is convicted of theft and is sentenced to probation for same. Some time later, the employer is contacted by a prospective employer for a reference and is told that the termination was for theft of the employer's property. The ex-employee does not get the new job. However, she has a valid claim for defamation against her former employer.

____ T _X__ F 3. Work-related injuries need not be reported to OSHA unless they involve loss of life or limb.

_X__ T _____ F 4. A worker is an employee if she has the right to terminate employment at anytime, for any reason, without liability for same.

____ T __X__ F 5. U.S. citizens employed outside of the U.S., by foreign companies, are protected under Title VII.

_X _ T _____ F 6. Constructive discharge occurs when an employee is given no reasonable alternative but to involuntarily terminate employment.

_X__ T _____ F 7. Employees have no legitimate expectation of a privacy right in the ...

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