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Business Law: Isaiah Brown and the Tacoma Washington

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The guildlines for each case study should include the following: (I have included a sample case study in the attachment along with the two case studies)

FACTS: (Already stated in the question)

ISSUE: (What is the dispute between the parties?)

LAW: (What area of the law?)

DISCUSSION: (This is your analysis-include major and minor points/opposing points of view or counterpoints is a huge plus)

CONCLUSION: (Sometimes referred to as the Resolution-I should be able to know your conclusion by the way your framed your issue and by your sound discussion-go back to your issue- see if you answered it)

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This solution provides the issue, decision, reason, discussion and conclusion for the two cases. In the first case the decision is that the court should grant the motion in favor of the law firm. In the second case the decision is that Holland's freedom of expression has not been violated. This solution is 886 words.

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I am attaching a file for your review. You may want to review these cases, especially the second one. It deals with a few more issues that I ...

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