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    Civil Rights movement

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    At issue, is whether the Civil Rights movement began in the 1950s are not. Yes, there were activists in the past that sought to better the lives and rights of African Americans. W.E.B. Dubois, Booker T Washington, and George Washington Carver are just a few. The NAACP was around for over 5 decades by the time Brown v Board was decided. A big difference though is measurable victories (in court or changes in the law) and a large public push from millions. The first half of the 20th century did not witness the level of activism that began in the 1950s. So a big question emerges here. Why the 1950s? Why did the major public push come at this stage instead of 50 years earlier?

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    Hello and welcome to Brainmass.com! This is an interesting question. I think one of the reasons that civil rights activism escalated in the 1950s was because of the rise of leaders who got the idea, and could mobilize people for, non-violent protests on a noticeable and significant level. I'm thinking of situations that got both local and national attention, like the Montgomery Bus Boycott of 1955, "sit-ins," marches, "freedom rides," ...

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