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Food Contamination and Product Recalls.

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Case Study: A leading bakery in middle America suddenly began receiving calls of complaints where metal pieces were found in a recent production of cracked wheat bread. No similar complaints were recorded for other bread or rolls made on the same production date. Cracked wheat bread from production dates before the date reported and the days after did not receive similar complaints.

What considerations should the bakery take to investigate this food defense issue?

Note: please site references used.

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This solution helps with the question of what to do when a company has a problem with a product: how to investigate, possible causes, and various solutions and considerations.

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Food Safety! More and more important! Happy to help. In this case it sounds like the incidence is fairly narrow. The company is aware of the production date and problems appear to be limited to that date only. When there are foreign objects found in products here are some areas to consider:

How big is the problem? Sometimes consumers contaminate their own products, either intentionally or inadvertently by having household items too close to food product. If this complaint is limited in scope to one area that could be the case. It sounds like there are multiple calls however. Next step ...

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