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    Identifying and reducing food contaminants

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    Identify three or more types of food contaminants. How has government regulation reduced the hazards of these contaminants? What measures can consumers take to further reduce the risk from each contaminant?

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    Rod-shaped bacteria called Salmonella are one type of food contamination. The flagellated micro-organism can make people sick, as well as poultry. Pandemic concerns, as a result of animal contamination, is a serious concern. Gastroenteritis and typhoid fever are two unfortunate outcomes. The E. coli and Shigella viruses are other food microbes to be weary of, as well as toxins such as botulism, mushroom toxin, or pesticides.

    Due to swine flu and other recent epidemics and pandemics, more governmental scrutiny with regard to food contamination transpired. Water is tested- EPA: Fecal Coliform and E. coli.

    A few tips for reducing and avoiding contamination are good hand-washing and other personal hygiene methodology, good ...

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