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    Food safety

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    Make sure to post the website as a reference. Full credit will not be given unless a website is properly cited in APA format.

    After reviewing information from one of those sites, post your response to the following questions:

    Food-borne illnesses can cause serious health problems. How are food-borne illnesses contracted? What are some ways you can protect yourself and others from food-borne illnesses at home? Give three examples to support your answer.

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    To limit exposure to food born illnesses proper food cleaning, separating, cooking and refrigerating techniques are required. All food handling surfaces, equipment, hands and food products themselves should be properly cleaned. Food products should be separated to avoid cross-contamination between meat and other products. Every food, especially proteins, must be heated to ...

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    Paragraph explanation of the sources of food borne illnesses with preventative steps. Web references included.