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    Substance abuse/PTSD assessment

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    As Chapter 6 begins, you are introduced to the case study of Pedro, which concludes at the end of the chapter. Evaluate the counselor's assessment, diagnosis, and treatment recommendations for Pedro as presented in your Reading, and then answer the following questions:
    •Do you agree with this counselor's conclusions?
    •What are the strengths and weaknesses of this counselor's assessment of Pedro?
    •What assessment and diagnosis techniques might you have considered other than those used?
    •Can you support the assessment instruments used in this case study? Why or why not?
    •Finally, expand upon the treatment recommendations presented in the case study and offer support for your considerations and recommendations.

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    Do you agree with this counselor's conclusions?
    • As far as the diagnosis conclusions drawn from the assessments conducted, the diagnosis is reasonable conclusions but incomplete.

    What are the strengths and weaknesses of this counselor's assessment of Pedro? What else could have been done?

    • Assessment tools selected are in-line with the Presenting Problems.
    • Appropriate choice of tools for the reason of referral. The 3 tools cover all the necessary areas in understanding substance abuse/dependence
    • Assessments were carried out in-line with DSM-IV-TR diagnostic criteria
    • Assessment tools selected allowed for the follow-up of treatment plans and ruling out of other possible conditions

    • The outcome of a previous medical assessment was not taken into consideration. Counselor did not try to rule out medical conditions that may explain the symptoms that the client is experiencing. Hearing loss and head injury...should also include a neuropsychologist to eliminate a possible neuropsychological issue that may explain the symptoms.
    • Counsellor made no attempt to build rapport with client which may have affected test performance etc.
    • 1st appointment with client but 3 tests were done within a span of 2 ...

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    This paper talks about the points to consider, the assessment procedure and tools used to diagnose a substance-abuse/PTSD case study.