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Trauma Effects: Oklahoma City Bombiing

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I am a learning challenged student that is coming to the end of my first term of grad school, and I am up against a wall. Iam having a hard time, not only finding reference, but also synthesizing those into a useable form for this paper.

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This solution discusses the psychological problems affecting persons victimized by the Oklahoma City bombing. The traumatic effects on survivors related to this diaster are also discussed.

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I have provided you with some information from some interesting articles that examined the trauma-related effects of the Oklahoma City bombing incident. I also provided you with the required number of sources (10) for your paper. I hope this information is beneficial in assisting you to construct your paper.

North (2011) conducted a study examining the psychosocial effects of bombing attacks on directly exposed survivors. The purpose of this study was to describe and identify predictors of the long-term course of psychiatric disorders, emotional distress, and social and occupational functioning after the bombing. The main research questions to be investigated by this study were as follows: (1) how much recovery from the most prevalent psychiatric disorders (PTSD and major depression) would occur during the course of 7 years. Based on the study's results, the Oklahoma City bombing study was a benchmark for studying the psychiatric effects of extreme trauma. For instance, the researchers found that the most highly disaster-exposed groups were likely to experience the most profound mental health problems. The data collected revealed post disaster psychopathology in survivors of the Oklahoma City bombing. Thus, according to North ,seven years after the bombing, a follow-up study revealed that survivors had marked symptoms of stress related to the bombing.

Norris (2005) points out that the Oklahoma City bombing was especially traumatic for children. According to Norris, many children and adolescents ...

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