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    What defines Morality in Today's culture

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    Please provide an example of morality and decision-making in the current American culture. Focus on the issue of abortion and the role of the state in mitigating this debate.

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    I will give you an example, based on the ruling in Oklahoma against using vaginal ultrasounds on women who need and want abortions. This is a hard decision for any woman, and her morals will affect the choice she does decide to make. We must trust our ability to make private personal decisions on our own, and luckily, we have a bill of rights that protects our freedoms.

    In an attempt to reverse Rowe vs. Wade In Oklahoma, legislators have tried to take away a choice for women by suggesting they be shown (and counseled) during an ultrasound of the cells which, if allowed to go to term, would become a baby. This was a hot topic. In cases of medical procedures, ...

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    This solution gives an example showing how differently different groups perceive morality. It discuses laws, women's rights and provides an example from recent political media to illustrate the point.