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Measures used against Domestic and International Terrorism

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1. Define and discuss the differences between domestic and international terrorism.

In the 9/11 or the Oklahoma City Bombings:
2. Discuss how law enforcement responded to this event.
3. Were they prepared?
4. What can be done to better prepare first responders?

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This solution provides students with an explanation fo the different measures that are used to combat domestic and international terrorism.

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1. Define and discuss the differences between domestic and international terrorism.

Domestic terrorism is terroristic activity that is committed in a nation's borders by citizens within that nation. Therefore, "homegrown" terrorists commit atrocities, crimes, and sabotages against the state or citizens. Environmental groups, groups that are against the federal government, and nationalist groups who oppose immigration and minorities are all considered domestic terrorists in many countries. These groups are not concerned with religious ideology or any form of worldwide jihad.

International terrorists commit crimes for the sake of political or religious edicts with the intent of changing the perception of world opinion toward their cause either through force or sympathy. These terrorists use kidnappings, bombings, and other violent ...

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