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    Domestic Terrorism the KKK and the United States

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    Choose 1 domestic terrorism group (United States).

    Why do they choose to be terrorists?
    What is its organizational overview?
    With what types of crimes are they associated?
    What preventative law enforcement strategies have been used against the selected terrorist group?
    Considering the operations and attacks executed by your selected domestic group, what precautions must law enforcement officers take when apprehending suspected members of the group or a lone-wolf terrorist?
    After you discuss the strategies, examine how terrorism has impacted the U.S. court system.
    How have the local court systems handled cases of domestic terrorism?
    Can domestic terrorists be tried in local, state, or federal courts?

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    The oldest and one of the most violent, repulsive, and dangerous domestic terroristic groups in the U.S. is the Ku Klux Klan. They chose and choose to be terrorists to intimidate minorities, and they initially began in opposition to the rights and laws passed following the Civil War for Blacks. Their organizational review is that they espouse hatred and violence against minorities, although they have toned down the violence over the years to focus on political and subliminal acts of racism.

    The crimes that the KKK have been associated with range from murder, bombings, assaults, vandalism, and many ...

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    This solution gives students the logic behind the oldest terrorist organization in the United States, the KKK and provides the types of crimes associated with this group as well as how law enforcement has attempted to eradicate it.