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    assessment and diagnosis change with culture

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    It has been recognized information regarding the influence of culture on the client's perception of drug use is vital; it helps in assessing whether a client meets the criteria for a disorder related to substance abuse. A therapist can use this information to evaluate the client's severity of drug use and abuse. If the client indulges in substance use and abuse regularly, it can be concluded that he or she suffers from a disorder related to substance abuse."
    Suppose you have a 32 year-old male client who reports using marijuana on a daily basis. He states that if he does not use marijuana, he finds it difficult to relax, and he becomes very irritable and aggressive. He describes daily use of marijuana as common among other members of his peer group. He is unable to keep a job as he is usually fired for being late or not showing up to work. He admits to breaking into cars in order to support his habit.

    Would your assessment and diagnosis change if the client is White, living in rural Missouri? Latino, living in Houston? Black, living in Washington, DC? Asian, living in Santa Barbara? Explain why?

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    In my own experience and personal opinion, no, my diagnosis would not change based on any of the factors you listed in the question above. A substance abuse problem is defined as "the user consumes the substance in amounts or with methods neither approved nor supervised by medical professionals" (Wikipedia, 2013, para 1). For any of the populations you have identified above, it would be my assumption that all of them are using the drug recreationally and without the supervision of a professional. If this is the case, then no matter what the ethnicity or geographical location of the client, if they are using a substance chronically, without supervision, and in an effort to cope with some ...

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    A discussion regarding the assessment and diagnosis of a specific individual within a case study and if the assessment and diagnosis would change depending on different elements. 421 words, 1 reference.