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Reducing the Appearance of Biases in Diagnosis

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An explanation of how the client's cultural identity may contribute toward personal biases and diagnosis. Then explain how your personal biases might influence the client's diagnosis. Finally, explain three ways you, as a future professional in the field, might mitigate or reduce the appearance of biases in diagnosis.

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When dealing with a client's cultural identity as a professional they may see how they live and what they believe may effect their diagnosis. When they are working with different cultures and biases; some cultures look poorly on receiving any kind of help, maybe some of the client's norms and values do not go along with the necessary treatment. As the counselor, they can give the client some self-disclosure of how they overcame a problem. Also, when dealing with some cultures who believe they can talk to the dead ...

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This article was to give some ways of combating bias in diagnostic situations.