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An article on career development

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Please provide a summary of the attached article from the Annual Review of Career Development Quarterly that addresses or forecasts future trends and challenges in the field of vocational psychology/career counseling. Then share your thoughts on how the trend/challenge addressed in the article might impact vocational/career counseling practice.

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As you offer a brief summary of an article, it cleverly reiterates the importance and interconnections between workers' well-being and work issues. It seems like in the past, vocational counseling and training focused merely on cognitive skills and affective features such as attitude, work ethic, etc. However, this article shows an integrated approach and how we must learn to embrace health and well-being into work aspects as well.

The article shows that issues of incivility directly affect workers' intentions "to quit and employees'
mental health." The article also cited substance abuse as a common ramification of workplace stress, so vocational counselors must be ...

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Notes are offered to synthesize and explain an article on career development.

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