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Employer-Employee Relationships

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I need to critique an article using the COMPASS framework but am having difficulty understanding the COMPASS Framework. Using http://tinyurl.com/43scfj2 article, I need assistance summarizing the following and I would like a paragraph for each:
-Career Concept Profile
-Organized For Fit
-Motivation and Energy
-Political Savvy
-Assessment and Feedback
-Systematic Development
Once these are summarized, I can critique the article. I am just not understanding COMPASS enough to summarize the above headings. Thank you

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Employer-employee relationships are examined. The headings of a paragraph are provided.

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-Career Concept Profile - This helps determine the type of career path is natural and acceptable to the person. However, many people are unaware of their profile type. Employees often see the Linear type of career path as the only one, but identifying if this a truly good fit can help prevent stress and frustration for the person and the management. It examines the types of activities and responsibilities an employee enjoys and directs them in the best path for them. Organizations can match career interests to what the business needs, finding the proper employee for the proper fit.

-Organized For Fit - This takes the skill sets of a person and aligns it with what the company needs. The career type is identified and fits into the picture creating a talent strategy for employers to follow. A talent strategy should be part of the business and especially human resources overall strategy. Identifying the key competency of the company and person helps create efficiency.

-Motivation and Energy - This component takes advantage of finding and retaining talent by making sure employees see their jobs and doing it well as a choice. Obligation to a job is demoralizing and without motivations properly applied dependent on job, person, needs, productivity and ...

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