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Management development

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Find a recent article (no more than a year old) that identifies KSAs that will be critical for managers in the immediate future.

Provide a summary of the article and discuss its management development implications - please cite the article in references.

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Running Head: Article Review and Management development Implications

Article Review and Management development Implications
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Article Title: Scientific Assessment tools for measuring skills among workforce.
Author: Bhalla, A., Talwar, S., Banerjee, P., Subramanian, N., and D'Mello, P.
Date and Source: March, 2011. Digital Learning, http://www.digitallearning.in/articles/article-details.asp?articleid=2752&typ=COLUMNS

Article Summary
This article looks at the changing methods of assessing knowledge and skills in the workforce. Apparently ...

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The following article summarizes and discusses an article's management development implications.