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APA postion on repressed childhood memories

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Step 1: Read the assigned article on recovering memories.
Read the article on recovering memories of childhood abuse at:

Step 2: Write a 1summary of the article about recovering memories.

Include in your summary a list of the points made about short- and long-term memory.
Identify the conflicting views about recovering long-repressed memories.
Use bullet points or numbers to help you organize your list.

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Here are the main points (summary) of the article (in the order they were presented). You might want to re-order (or not)

Children understand and respond to trauma differently than adults, therefore childhood trauma might lead to issues in memory storage and retrieval.

Dissociation often occurs with trauma (such as sexual abuser) making memory unavailable for retrieval.

Memory researchers and clinicians agree that even with dissociation, memories are still there but may be difficult to retrieve (and the subject may not understand the memory)

Leaders in the memory ...

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According to APA (official topic site) there are procedures that can be followed to prevent or minimize possible contamination of repressed memories of childhood abuse or trauma. There is still discussion about the impact of dissociation on the ability to recover memories and research continues in this area.

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