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Cognitive Psychology: Repressed Memories

Explain the controversy associated with recovered repressed memories.

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The debate on recovered repressed memory centers on whether highly special mechanisms take place over normal memory processes when encountering traumatic events. Based on the research, central to the controversial debates over repressed memories is whether childhood experiences of sexual abuse is inaccessible to consciousness. For instance, some studies support the concept of repression (e.g. Kandel & Kandel, 1994 as cited in Goodman, Ghetti, Quas, Edelstein, Alexander, Redlick et al., 2003; Graham, 2008). However, Goodman et al suggests that the problem lies with the methodology, interpretation and replicability of studies. In addition, according to Goodman et al., some child sex abuse is simply not reported. In other cases, results concerning predictability cannot be interpreted.

Other studies show a problem with samples that are often ...

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This solution describes the controversial views of repressed memories.