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    Retrieve Memories

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    What I know about eyewitness testimonies is that they are not always accurate. Sometimes, they can be, but other times they aren't. I did like your example of trials in relation to eyewitness testimony. I know this also occurs with UFO's eyewitness accounts. Many times, there aren't any UFO's even though a person would swear that they saw something in the sky. 9 out of 10 times there was a logical explanation for what was seen. Recovering horrible memories is traumatic in itself. Something that was so horrific can be repressed for such a long time and then resurface later on. Anderson (1994) thought that remembering is a process of learning and this is true. We learn to retrieve memories through the experiences we have lived through.

    1). What are your thoughts regarding learning to retrieve our memories
    (I think your post #553199 that you assisted me with mentions this where our memory adapts for new information) but what if we had to learn to forget memories like teenagers have to learn new material for an upcoming test, is this possible?


    Anderson, J. R. (1974). Retrieval of propositional infor- mation from long-term memory. Cognitive Psychology, 5, 451-474.

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    I think that the process of learning to forget memories is a natural process that we don't have to consciously engage in. This is due to the fact that information that ...

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