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Man without a Memory- Clive Wearing Response

View the following video—Man without a Memory- Clive Wearing.

How would you define the relationship between learning something and remembering it?

What specific region of Clive's brain is damaged to result in this memory loss?

How do you explain Clive's loss of memory for most things, despite his lasting memory for his wife and the piano?

If you were Clive, what memories would you miss the most?

How are emotions linked to memories? Provide some examples to support your answers.

Thank you!!!!!!

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In order to define the relationship between learning something and remembering it, you must first determine what learning is. Learning is acquiring, constructing, or developing new knowledge or skills. In Bloom's taxonomy of learning, the cognitive domain consists of knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. With this being said, knowledge (to know something) is to be able to recall the information. Comprehension is to understand the meaning of something. Application is being able to use a concept that has been learned into a real situation. Analysis is separating material or concepts into component parts so you will be able to distinguish between facts and inferences. Synthesis is to build a structure from diverse elements, create a whole by putting parts together, in an attempt to create a new structure. Evaluation is making judgments about the value of material learned or ideas learned (1).

In order to remember something, you must first store it into our long-term memory. The best way to remember something is to actually learn it and understand what the ...

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Discusses Clive Wearing, the man without a memory, and the difference between learning something and just remembering it.