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    Perception: Information Processing

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    1). Visual information is processed in the brain, choose one of the other senses such as "hearing" and summarize how its sensory information is organized into a perceptual and recognizable pattern.

    2). How do cultural and societal expectations and/or experiences influence the formation of the perception?

    3). View the Clive Wearing video one and video two located in the program description section #10 and #11. These are the two links
    Whereas Clive Wearing memory for most everything is virtually nonexistent, it is evident that he can still identify his wife's face.
    How might this be explained according to face perception theories?

    Use scholarly sources to support your answers. Cite your sources using APA format

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    The process of hearing begins with the acoustic sensations that occur within the ear drum in response to the vibrations that are reaching it through the ears of an individual. This sensory information is analyzed by the frontal lobe area of an individual's brain, which is also known as the executive center of the brain in which information is analyzed, processed, and sent to the areas of the brain that are designed for utilizing this information. These sounds or vibrations are compared with similar vibrations that have been heard before within an individual's memory and the imagery that is associated with those vibrations or sounds are brought forth into one's conscious awareness. ...