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    Information-processing abilities

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    Explain the four information-processing abilities that affect learning and memory. How does each area impact learning? Do any of the areas relate to each other, in other words, does one area of deficit cause a greater occurrence for other areas to become present?

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    The four information-processing skills include two that are input skills: listening and reading, and two that are output skills: speaking and writing. From reference: http://www.languagetutoring.co.uk/reading-writing-speaking-and-listening.html
    It is explained that all language learning (and my own contention, all learning thereafter) is based upon these four skills. It should be apparent that these skills are interrelated in the processing of language, and therefore knowledge. A person needs to be able to function well with each aspect of these skills in order to learn and remember what has been learned ...

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    Four steps of information processing from two perspectives, both supported with Web-based references suitable for citation are provided.