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Case Study - Amnesia & Memory Impairment

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Download and read the following short book chapter, which I think you will enjoy: http://www.sharedvariance.net/cbw/peay/lostmariner.doc

This is another case study:

1. What were this gentleman's symptoms?
2. What did the author conclude about his overall intelligence?
3. Did his memory loss frustrate him or didn't he care?
4. Using the books terminology, what was his memory loss?
5. What was the cause of his memory impairment?

I need help with these questions based on the short book chapter. I need ideas and suggestions for guidance. Thank you.

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1. What were this gentleman's symptoms?

Loss of memory for recent events although long-term memory is intact.
"A full and interesting early life, remembered vividly, in detail, with affection."

-Amnesia since 1945 - "I have known Jimmie now for nine years-and neuropsychological, he has not changed in the least. He still has the severest, most devastating Korsakov's, cannot remember isolated items for more than a few seconds, and has a dense amnesia going back to 1945".

See MRI scans of how Jimmie's brain was damaged by drinking and alcoholism (p. 9 below - in attached response)

2. What did the author conclude about his overall intelligence?

"Intellectual and per¬ceptual powers were preserved, ...

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Based on the case of amnesia, this solution responds to the questions on several dimensions e.g. this gentleman's symptoms, the author's conclusions, the effects of his memory loss, type of memory loss and the cause of his memory impairment.