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    Advances in anatomy of memory

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    The study of the anatomy of memory has come a long way since H.M.'s misfortune. What kind of advances do you think will be made in the next decade?

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    A major contribution to our current understanding of the mechanisms that underlie memory storage has come from case studies of people who have suffered damage to the hippocampus, a brain region involved in memory formation. H.M's unexpected postoperative anterograde amnesia (the inability to store new memories), gave scientists an unprecedented opportunity to study the hippocampus and its role in memory formation. Subsequent animal and human studies shed more light on the type of memory processes in the hippocampus. During the last three decades, much effort has been directed towards understanding how the hippocampus consolidates memory, i.e. how short-term memory is converted into long-term memory.

    Three important developments have occurred in the area of memory during the past three decades. The first was the recognition that there is more than one kind of memory. The second ...

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    This answer deals with pursuit of understanding the memory functions since the landmark case of H.M.'s misfortune.