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    Temporal Lobectomy and Korsakoff's Syndrome

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    Compare and contrast the amnesia associated with bilateral medial-temporal lobectomy and with Korsakoff 's syndrome

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    Let's firstly examine what the medial temporal lobes in the brain actually do in terms of processing, and what the pathology that is Korsakoff's syndrome is.

    Firstly, the medial temporal lobe contains part of the hippocampus, the area best known for its vital role in the formation of memory. The hippocampus is also one of the areas where neuronal degeneration occurs first in Alzheimer's patients. As a result, damage to the medial temporal lobe can be said to degrade the hippocampus. Often times, this affects the formation of memory, and thus encoded long-term memories prior to the damage / lobectomy are often retrievable (possibly with some deficit). New memories would be hard to create, and so one might not be able to form long-term memories of ...

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    The expert compares and contrasts the amnesia associated with bilateral media-temporal lobectomy and with Korsakoff's syndrome.