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    Temporal lobe control

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    What does the temporal lobe control? What damage does this area of the brain have?

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    The temporal lobes are regions of the brain that are primarily responsible for audition (hearing), language comprehension, memory, learning and possibly, olfactory perception, detection and identification.

    These lobes are particularly important for HEARING because they contain both the PRIMARY AUDITORY CORTEX and the AUDITORY ASSOCIATION AREAS. Many problems can result form damage to this region of the brain including;

    - Bilateral damage to area 41 (Heschi's area) may lead to cortical deafness.

    - Unilateral lesions to this area may result in less severe audition consequences, such as a reduction in the threshold for auditory sensation.

    - Damage to other regions of the auditory cortex can lead to MUSCULAR DEFICITS such as tone deafness or poor pitch/melody perception (this is known as ...

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    This job covers brain areas and functions, namely temporal lobe function, auditory cortex, association areas, hippocampus, and amygdala regions.