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Understanding the different parts of the brain

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What are the different regions of the brain? What do the 4 different lobes do?

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The solution helps understand the different parts of the brain.

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Through evolution the cortex (brain) has become enlarged so that it sits on top of the subcortical structures. The fissures and sulci appear to divide the brain into geographically distinct regions. These are called 'lobes' and there are 4 of them;

1. Frontal
2. Temporal
3. Parietal
4. Occipital

One lobe maybe more responsible for a certain function than another, the occipital lobes contain the 'primary visual cortex'; the temporal lobe contains the 'primary auditory cortex', which receives impulses from the ear. The lobes are named after the skull bone that they underlie.

1. Frontal lobe

(This is located from the frontal pole to the central sulcus)
The Supervisory Activating System (SAS) is located here. This controls our ability to switch between different stimuli and/or ...

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