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    Organisations as Culture

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    Organizational culture is one of those high-level things that affects individuals within the system in many ways, but over which they have little personal control. As we noted in the introduction, different levels within a company may have different cultures, as may different units at the same level. And to make things more complicated, different people may experience, describe, and interpret the same cultural phenomena in different ways. All that said, there's no doubt that there IS such a thing as organizational culture, and it shapes and interacts with machine phenomena, organic phenomena, and brain phenomena in many ways.

    Read the article on organizational culture. Describe your assessment of why TUIU decided that the Denison culture model would be more useful in understanding TUIU as a corporate culture than any of the other three you have read about.
    Consider issues such as:

    What things about organizations are considered to be parts of organizational culture, and what things are excluded from that category, in terms of the different models

    Ways in which cultures change, and why (drawing on what you have observed about TUIU for examples if possible)

    The degree to which culture can be deliberately reshaped in certain directions -- by whom, when, under what conditions, and with what effects

    Why one model might be more effective in helping TUIU to underatand its own functioning than another, at this point in time

    What, if anything, that thinking about an "organization as a culture" adds to what we have learned by thinking about an "organization as a machine", an "organization as an organism", and an "organization as a brain".

    about 500 words, one diagram, four references

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