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A brief discussion on the importance of joining professional organisations and groups as a freelancer.

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Freelancers face considerable challenges in the professional world. These can range from adequate training, to being up-to-date with industry standards by way of practices and market price/rates, as well as having appropriate networking and work access. The following is a brief discussion of how these concerns can be addressed by professional organisations that freelancers can join to their benefit.

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There are various organisations and professional groups dedicated to offering services such as freelance proofreading and editing. To someone already educated in the field, pursuing memberships with such organisations may appear redundant. However, there is a case to be made for such memberships, even for those who might be reasonably well-established as freelance editors and proofreaders.

Being a member of such groups, while incurring a small cost, can open doors to plenty of networking and career advancement opportunities. In the world of freelancing, networking is vital and such organisations can help connect one to businesses and other, more established, freelancers, which invariably means more prolific work opportunities and an expanded portfolio.

It is also important to note that ...

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Briefly discussing the benefits of networking, appropriate training, work access, industry standards and market rate familiarity for freelance editors and proofreaders, via professional organisations dedicated to such endeavours.