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Human Resource Development Learning

I can't seem to get started on the right path with this subject and need assistance. My topic I want to write a paper about is how learning is vital to Human Resource Development efforts. I want to cover defining learning and present the learning-related issues that are important to HRD. For example, this paper could cover the impact of Instructional and Cognitive Psychology on Learning Research. I need 3 professional journals as references. These professional journals have to not request a username/password. Thank you for your assistance.

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Learning is the ability to continually advance the understanding of information. There has been said that the human brain is never too old to stop learning. The introduction of new information which feeds the mind also operates as a stimulus that can enhance knowledge, interests and life. Learning is vital to all aspects of Human Resources, especially when it comes to Human Resource Development (HRD). As a HRD it is imperative to gain as much knowledge as humanly possible in order to remain competitive in today's society.

There are several perspectives around how learning should assist the HRD with their advancement, such as business needs learning, individual learning, development learning and work specific learning.

Business needs learning

"A business-oriented perspective of HRD would suggest that HRD preparation programs should foreground learning activities that increase learners' understandings of the functioning and direction of their organisations and the pressures these organisations face. Such programs should build learners' capacities to diagnose immediate and future organisational skill level needs. They should also provide learners with an understanding of a range of strategies for achieving and communicating measurable and transparent outcomes in terms of performance improvements that are valued by organisations" (Johnston, p. 2).

Individual growth learning

"A competing perspective of HRD is that it is primarily about helping individuals working in organisations learn and grow. As a consequence, the organisation will benefit, but this ...

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