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Discussing Human Resource Concepts

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Line managers have an important responsibility in managing the human resources of the organization (the employees). In this regard, all managers can be considered human resource managers; which brings with it a great deal of responsibility for ensuring a high performing work environment.

What human resource concepts and techniques do you feel are useful for line managers? And in what way are these useful? It is important to apply concepts you are learning in the course as you develop your response.

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In just under 650 words, including references throughout, this solution provides information about human resource concepts and techniques that are useful for line managers.

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To understand this question, we must first understand what line managers are. Line managers are the individuals who are usually promoted from within, from lower status positions in a company to the management position.

Further, "in many organizations front line managers now carry out activities which were traditionally within the remit of HR such as providing coaching and guidance, undertaking performance appraisals and dealing with discipline and grievances. In many cases they also carry out recruitment and selection in conjunction with HR".
Source: http://www.cipd.co.uk/subjects/maneco/general/rolefrntlinemngers.htm

What human resource concepts and techniques that I feel are useful for line managers are:

The human resource techniques that I feel are useful for line managers are:

1. Employee Training: It is important for a line manager to conduct employee training as the line manager is the individual who will be directly working with the employee on a day to day basis. Therefore, the manager is the one that should ensure that the employee is being ...

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