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Human resource management

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How is Human Resource management concepts and techniques of use to all managers?

please Summarize the key concepts. Planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling

Outline five specific ways in which these above concepts and techniques are useful.

Please include ways in which implementation and usage could have important consequences for an organization

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The objective of the question is to expose you to the concepts of Human Resource Management and some key concepts. You are also required to say how the above concepts and techniques are useful and the ways in which implementation and usage could be useful to the organization.
<br>The problem makes a serious assumption, it presupposes that there one fixed set of ways in which the concepts of Human Resource management and techniques are useful in organizations in general and there are predetermined ways in which these will have consequences in a company. This is not supported by evidence. Several concepts of Human Resource may not be used in every company and the use of these concepts may have different consequences in different companies, industries and organizational cultures. The same technique used in one company may improve communication but the same techniques used in another company may inhibit communication.
<br>Given below is a template to help you answer the question.
<br>1. Human Resource management concepts and skills and techniques are of use to all managers because it helps them to communicate with peers, subordinates and bosses, obtaining and sharing of information; running meetings; allocating resources ...

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